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Best Friends Forever

Geek Prom’s 2009 headline act extols the virtues of friendship, healthy eating and reverence for President Dwight Eisenhower’s contributions to the interstate highway system.

Bassist Jessica Seamans and guitar/keyboardist Briana Smith started making music together in the eighth grade. They have been best friends now for 14 years, with intentions of keeping it that way as members of the Minneapolis indie-rock band Best Friends Forever. Joined on drums (and occasionally glockenspiel) by Joe Rand, the trio released the album Romance Conflict Adventure in 2007.

Quoth City Pages: "On stage, Best Friends Forever is a high-octane act. Smith, who plays guitar and keyboards and sings, stomps her heels and shakes her shoulders, jumping between guitar and keyboard in a single song. Seamans slides the bass side to side, shakes her hips, sings, and playfully bobs her head to the beat. Unpolished? Yes. But their berserk intensity and of-the-moment improvised sets are somewhat the point."

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