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Dance Band

While on a galactic survey mission in 2006 from their home planet of Gammalon, members of Dance Band deduced that Earth had a lack of exciting music. They immediately set aside time from their mission to ensure the planet is introduced to the benefits of “booty groovement.”

Through “baby maker shakin’, zombie defending and fantabulous dance-off gyration,” Dance Band saved the earthlings at Geek Prom 2008 from the “meek black hole of boredom.”

In 2007, Twin Cities weekly newspaper City Pages named Dance Band the Best Live Act in the area. Three months before its Geek Prom appearance, Dance Band embarked on its first Duluth mission, rocking the Diorama-rama, an all-diorama art show at the Emerson Cooperative.

Jive defender and vocalist Captain Octagon fronts the five-piece Dance Band. He teams with a squad of booty-blasting musicians, including the Perfect Beat on drums, the Philanderer on bass, the Chop on guitar and Spacebar on keyboard.

Dance Bands first earthly album is Dance Band Returns From the Land After Tomorrow.

Quoth the band: “If you don’t move, if you can’t orbit your hips ’round the sun, planet Earth will destruct in ... 3 ... 2 ... 1.”