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Geek Prom Facebook Group | Clearly the result of peer pressure.

Geek Prom on Twitter | Tweets for twits.

What all the gals want to do to Ray Bradbury | Thank you, Rachel Bloom.

Womanizer | Jodie Rivera, "the Venetian Princess," parodies Britney Spears.

Sweet on Geeks | A dating space where gray matters.

Best Friends Forever | MySpace page of Geek Prom's 2009 headline musical act.

Tim Kaiser | 2009 Geek Prom opening act.

Ironic1 | The blog of 2008 Geek Prom King Lawrence Lee.

Tay Zonday | Man, this Internet is something else. | Your source on the Web for pocket protectors since 1999.

Strongbad E-mails
| The prom committee's all-time favorite. | A Web site dedicated to facilitating the "sharing of ideas, comments and questions relating to trebuchets, other catapults both ancient and modern, and related subjects."

The Brick Testament | Brendan Powell Smith illustrates the Bible using Lego people.

Leslie Hall | Wearing gold spandex pants, she made a hip-hop album. And she also has one hell of a sweater collection.

MN PEZCon | The annual Pez collector's convention in Bloomington, Minn.

Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer? | Take the test to see if you can tell a coder from a cannibal.

E.L.nO. | MySpace page of the Electric Light (no) Orchestra, 2007 Geek Prom band.

Wookieepedia | The Star Wars encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Fight! Kikkoman | The amazing adventures of Kikkoman the Soy Sauce Warrior.

The Geek Test | The ultimate are-you-a-geek? test.

Demented Tidbits | The frequently pornographic Web log of Donavan Freberg, son of Stan Freberg and star of those annoying Encyclopedia Britannica commercials from the '80s.

A Girl’s Guide to Geek Guys | Instructions for the ladies on how to find "a man of substance, quietude and stability, a cerebral creature with a culture all his own."

Voobaha | The official Web site of Barnes & Barnes

All Your Base Are Belong to Us | Zero Wing lives on. And on. And on.

Yatta! | The beloved Happatai video, "Yatta!"

Superfriends WAZZUP! | The classic spoof that started a flurry of Internet parodies of Budweiser’s "True" campaign.

Donald Simanek’s Pages | Dr. Simanek, a physics professor emeritus at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania has put together enough science and pseudo-science material on his Web pages to occupy the average geek for a good month. One of the highlights is a thermodynamic calculation of why Heaven is hotter than Hell.

Official Dr. Who Web Site | Everything you ever wanted from the good Doctor.

Space Giants | Remember Goldar?

Star Wars Asciimation | A not-yet-completed text-based version of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Daneomatic | The Web site of Dane Peterson, second runner-up for Geek Prom 2002 King.

Dr. Demento | Music nerds unite. The site of legendary DJ Dr. Demento.

Periodic Table | An online interactive Periodic Table of the Elements

Liberty Meadows | Frank Cho's independent series of comics

Coast to Coast AM | Paranormal radio with George Noory

Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping | Great Lakes history, shipwreck files, etc.

Judy’s Stuff | The Web site of the Goddess of the Galaxy herself, Judy Tenuta.

American Movie | Info about legendary screen geeks Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank.

The Official Bill Mumy Page | Info about the "Lost in Space," Barnes & Barnes, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" guy.

Emo Philips | A collection of all things Emo, including a complete account of all the times he’s been hit on the head by falling typewriters.