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Minneapolis’ color-coded purveyors of "pop/punk ear candy" headlined the 2003 Geek Prom. It was the next logical step for Manplanet, a band that had performed repeated guest spots on Comedy Central’s Let’s Bowl and had its music used on the BBC Radio Network’s Science at Nine.

Wearing shiny vinyl jumpsuits that matched their individual hair-colors (white, red, green and blue) the members of Manplanet cranked out tunes that would have fit nicely as a soundtrack to Elroy Jetson’s wet dreams. Perhaps the best description of the group was: "Devo meets Weezer in bed with the movie Tron."

Singer/guitar-player Jeff Ham ("Jefferson White") developed the concept for Manplanet in 1999, shortly before the breakup of his previous band, Detroit. He recruited bassist Tim Holly ("Tim Crimson"), drummer Pete Greene ("Pete Green") and keyboardist Ben Perlstein ("Blue #4") to help him create his new "smoke-and-mirrors for the ears" sound.

Manplanet released two EPs, Skylab (2000) and An Introductory to Musicianship (2001) before breaking up.