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Super D & the Double Chucks

The first band to ever take the Geek Prom stage, Super D & the Double Chucks combined the traditional country music of the 1940s with the acid rock of the 1960s, and added a unique brand of Lake Superior surf-rock to the mix to create a consistently erratic and flamboyant three-piece spaz attack.

The band formed just before the turn of the millenium, when Tomcats guitar-slinger Barry “Chuck #2” Pirkola met Amsoil technician Darryn “D” Wallace. Both gearheads, they soon discovered Pirkola had a motor for Wallace’s ’54 Chrysler. While working on cars together, they found out that they both were also musicians. They began playing together at the NorShor Theatre during an open jam, and soon teamed up with drummer Chuck “Chuck #1” Juntunen, formerly of the heavy metal acts Seizure and Brick in the Head.

The band performed regularly in the Twin Ports, most frequently at the Bedrock Bar in Duluth's West End. Career highlights included traveling to exotic locations like Mankato and being showcased at the World of Wheels expo at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center.

Because of the band’s handcrafted Grand Ole Opry outfits, it had a reputation of being more of a country band, landed gigs opening for the Blackhawks and Gary Allen, but the Super D sound was much more complex. The band was comparable to a stolen jukebox that was thrown out of a van at the crossroads, picked up by the devil and reprogrammed to morph all genres of music into a soundtrack for Kool-Aid Man mixing himself with vodka and crashing through a wall wearing leather chaps and a 10-gallon hat, carrying a rubber bag full of horny chimps.

The band released two albums before breaking up in 2002. Barry Pirkola and Chuck Juntunen would go on to play Geek Prom again in 2005 with a new band, the Hoot Owls.