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Trailer Park Queen

According to one music reviewer, Berni “The Trailer Park Queen” Sarazine sings like she “has Weird Al’s balls hanging from her rearview mirror.” As if that’s not enough geek cred, she once opened for Judy Tenuta, and her son Matt played the pig on Comedy Central’s Let’s Bowl.

Her band, Trailer Park Queen, has been performing lewd parody music at nightclubs, malls and gay pride festivals for nearly a decade, and headlined the Geek Prom at the Great Lakes Aquarium in 2004.

Sarazine grew up on Minnesota’s Iron Range, but moved to the Twin Cities in 1983. She was working as a line cook at Figlio’s restaurant in Minneapolis when a dishwasher encouraged her to record some of her songs and start performing in clubs.

“I played my first show at Fernando’s in 1994,” Sarazine recalls. “It was a really sleazy bar on Lake Street. They tore it down about nine years later. The next place I played at was Club Metro in St. Paul. That place burned down.”

In 1995, Sarazine began billing herself as Trailer Park Queen and recorded her first album, Super Moist. Three other solo albums would follow: In Vitro, Got Five Bucks? and 2002’s Enquirer.

After performing alone for a few years, Sarazine met bass player Tim Kennedy, who convinced her she should have a band. Trailer Park Queen has since gone through five guitar players and enough drummers to lose count of, but Kennedy remains in the group.

The Trailer Park Queen lineup currently consists of Sarazine on vocals, Kennedy on bass, Dana Mjelde and Bill Grant on guitars, and Mike Edwards on drums. Eric Nelson makes occasional appearances on trumpet.

In 2003 the band released a live album, The Last Barbecue, and began working on its first studio album as a band. A demo EP called Wrong Side of the 4-track was released in early 2004.