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High-5: Geek Prom

By Brad Nelson
April 10, 2002 | Ripsaw

Revenge of the Nerds had it all wrong. OK, it was pretty cool the way they invented that javelin to favor Lamar’s limp-wristed throwing style; but with proper forethought and scientific know-how, anyone can win an athletic competition. What about gaining social acceptance? Geek Prom is a high-speed super-conductor charged reminder that geeks are beautiful. Plus, it’s gonna be a mega-rad night. According to the awesome website (really recommend the geek chatroom—if you have IRC you can chat directly in the Geek Prom channel and skip the clunky Java interface), "The night will be filled with awkward romance, cheesy music and spastic fits of clumsy dancing." Prom goers are encouraged to wear their favorite outfit: bright pink formal wear, skin-tight superhero gear, kilts, Martian suits, EverQuest costumes, etc. After lengthy debate, the Geek Prom Committee selected Vinnie and the Stardusters as Geek Prom headliners. Super and D and the Double Chucks will open the crazy shindig.