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Jay might meet geek royalty

April 16, 2002 | Duluth News Tribune

Ryan Wright-Amundson and Gina Giacomini probably weren’t the king and queen of their high school proms. But their geekiness earned them royal status during Duluth’s Geek Prom on Saturday night.

“I was dumbfounded,” said Wright-Amundson, who works at the Whole Foods Co-op and is a sculptor. “I was pretty excited; I hammed it up the best I could.”

If things go right, the royal geekinesses could end up on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

“The Tonight Show” wants to see footage of the show, then will consider booking the king and queen geek, organizers Paul Lundgren and Scott Lunt said.

Duluth’s first Geek Prom attracted national media attention. Radio stations KIRO in Seattle and KMPH in Fresno, Calif., both did live on-air interviews with Lundgren and Lunt, and the CBS Radio Network recorded an interview with Lundgren for a nationwide news piece.