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A Local Music Yearbook

By Peter S. Scholtes
December 18, 2002 | City Pages

Local prank-rockers Vinnie and the Stardüsters appear live on KARE-11 TV to promote the Geek Prom in Duluth, a night of awkward revelry for former nerds who never got the prom they wanted. To the tune of "Mares Eat Oats," the band sings, "Marx was fat and Freud was bald and Hitler had no testes..." before being cut off at the word "testes." They are asked to leave.

That night, Low's Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker make a rock-star entrance at the Prom, driving into the crowded lobby of the NorShor Theatre on a blue motor scooter. With Sparhawk in a too-small suit and Parker in pigtails and cat-eye glasses, the couple is barely recognizable spazzing out to the 'Düsters. The guy in a Klingon outfit appears unimpressed.

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