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Geek Prom changes to Pizza Luce for '05

By Kyle Eller
April 3, 2005 | Duluth Budgeteer News

Geek Prom for ’05 will have a few new twists. For one thing, it may be the first year without streakers, which you might call an addition by subtraction.

Geek Prom organizer Paul Lundgren says with the change in venue -- it will be held at Pizza Luce Saturday, April 9 -- opportunities will be more, um, scant.

Bigger venues like the Norshor Theatre and the Great Lakes Aquarium have meant “more naked nerds,” he said. It has happened every year, but not by any official support.

“We’re not offering prizes for that, nor are we offering immunity,” Lundgren said.

Luce will probably be more crowded, and starting and ending points are less obvious. “There’s a lot of security cameras in the Technology Village, by the way,” Lundgren added.

The change in venue actually wasn’t implemented to eliminate garb-less geeks. The event has been achieving attention in the national media from the start, and this year is no exception -- one technology television network is sending a crew all the way from Los Angeles this year for a report. But that hasn’t translated into the kind of growth event organizers anticipated. Each year has brought out about 300 people, a good turnout, but not something you need the DECC for.

So this year the focus is “less on big and more on fun,” Lundgren said.

It will mean some advantages, including having everything in one room, so it will be harder to miss something important. Lundgren says one year there was an exploding model volcano in a room and he never even knew about it.
The band this year is Hoot Owls.

“This is the first time we’ve had a Duluth group headline the show,” Lundgren said. “... They’re hot off a gig at World of Wheels.”

The band includes members of a Duluth group that was an opening act at Geek Prom in a previous year.

The crowning of this year’s king and queen geek, an annual happening, will have special meaning, because the winners will get a ride in a Cirrus SR-22 airplane. Cirrus, which is not an official sponsor of the event, donated the prize.

There will be drink and food specials, video games, a spaz-dancing contest, and a new event -- the Gonzo Gong Show, featuring the Richardson Brothers of Gonzo Science fame.

“As usual, we anticipate that someone might be kissed for the first time,” Lundgren said.

Things start at 9 p.m. with a grand march. Advance tickets are not necessary -- cost is $10 at the door.