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By Sarah Henning
Aug. 7, 2005 | Duluth News Tribune

The geek shall inherit the Earth.

But until then, they get Geek Prom: One night to guzzle Shasta and awkwardly mingle with people dressed like Legolas and Amy Sedaris in “Strangers With Candy.”

Geek Prom cranks up at 9 p.m. Saturday in Pizza Luce, 11 E. Superior St.

Usually a haven for hipsters, Pizza Luce will host the crowning of a geek king and queen, a spaz-dancing contest and a geekified “Gong Show.”

Geek Prom co-organizer Paul Lundgren said G4, the video game TV network, is flying in a reporter from Los Angeles to cover the event. Talk about geek cred.

The prom’s newest feature, the Gonzo Gong Show, will be hosted by two of Duluth’s most prominent geeks, Gonzo Science Brothers Allen and Jim Richardson.

Lundgren said the goal for competitors is to find a talent that’s cheesy enough for geeks to appreciate, yet not so cheesy to result in gonging.

“We think that we can get more mimes, more yodelers, more kazoo players, more ventriloquists than any other stage in the Twin Ports,” said Lundgren, who has planned Geek Prom with Scott Lunt since 2002.

Duluth geek Chris Marshall, who is on the planning committee, said his favorite part of the event is geek accoutrement. “I love what geeks bring to prove that they’re geeks,” Marshall said. “One year, this girl brought her sticker book.”

At 11 p.m., judges will crown the Geek Prom king and queen, who win a ride on a Cirrus plane. Not a trip, not a parachute jump, just a ride.

The evening also includes a spaz-dancing contest to music by the Hoot Owls and DJ Konnor.

“Somebody is probably going to try to kiss a girl for the first time and fail,” Lundgren said. “We’re also three-for-three on geek streaking so far, but I think Pizza Luce represents a unique challenge for streakers, so no promises. Or threats, as it were.”